Thursday, January 16, 2014

The loser, The Winner, and the unsung Hero!

There are many they work their whole life for making big houses in this world, getting big cars is the vision of their life, a mouthful of bank account and foreign trips is all they desire, they worked whole life to fill their worldly desires until the time came when they die...
Then there are some who live their whole life working for others, the vision of getting a place in heaven is all they have, they sell their lives to Allah and get heaven in return, and when they die they have nothing in hand, but millions of people praising them and attending their funeral.
Then there are a some who are similar to the above in character they sell their lives to Allah and get Jannah in return, but when they die, no one knows they died, they might have few people in their funeral, they are like unsung heroes.
Some random thoughts about some random characters we see in our lives.

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