Thursday, February 13, 2014

5 reason I will NOT vote for Bilawal

5 reason I will NOT vote for Bilawal

1. I want a "male" leader : I have no objection on Bilawal's gender however I am not even able to confirm what he really is! Can anyone confirm???
2. I will give priority to Pakistani politicians: I am in favor of a real Pakistani, not in favor of imported material whether its like Bilawal from US, Altaf from London or TuQ from Canada. Usually imported things have no warranty in Pakistan their warranty is valid until they are abroad!
3. I don't want Zardari to be president again: I think if I voted Bilawal and he won then there always will be a danger of Mr. 10% to become the supremo leader, so, prevention is better than cure!
4. I hate Ali Gul Pir, Annie, Superman: I dont want to see flopped-tuty-fruty-talented artists like Ali Gul Pir and rejected-singer-cum-dancers like Annie to always ruin our entertainment.
5. Enough of Saeen to Saeen dialogue: We have seen too much of this saeen to saeen crap in social media, and its way too old. So, bring something new or GTH.

P.S.: Never mind ;)

Ibn e Syed

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