Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Aman Ka Tamasha

 A year before Jang group of newspaper from Pakistan and Times of India group of newspaper from India started a campaign with the name of “Aman Ki Asha”, the objective told to people was to bring peace and harmony in the region, but the real matter was something else which was later opened due to the activities shown by the Jang group. India and Pakistan have fought various big wars on the issue of land and terrorism across the borders, the people of the both countries have different cultures different environment and different way of living, and this is the only thing that became the reason of partition of the subcontinent, the two nation theory. The people of the both countries have immense hatred with each other. But let me tell you the agenda of the Jang group and Geo behind the “Aman Ki Asha”, this is my observation as a TV channel viewer I think that the “Aman ki Asha” brought nothing but the vulgarity in Pakistani media mainly Geo network television. It has been announced that The sharing of TV shows was done among the two media groups of India and Pakistan but it is obvious that only Geo is showing Indian channel programs on its network most of them are singing competition and dance program, sadly this is a Indian culture promotion which is being done by  a Pakistani channel. On the other hand we see no Pakistani drama, show or program in any Indian channel a big question mark, just think if any Indian channel allows Pakistani program to air on its channel would they allow Pakistani culture to be promoted through the Indian channel? Would they allow any Islamic program from their network, the answer we all know is “No”, the Indian channels are not allowing any singing competition from Pakistani channel how they will going to allow any Islamic activity.
See the website of the Geo television (the link) you can see at four to five places the logo of “Aman Ki Asha” was displayed now see the Times of India website (the link) you can not see even a single logo of the campaign. Is only Geo channel is mad for the so-called-peace when there is not response from the other side, Times of India is projecting the way of thinking of their people but what the Geo channel is projecting?
We are living in Islamic Democracy in which the superior authority is Almighty Allah, no law can be passed if it is voted by the whole parliament but is against the Islamic law. Islam has prohibited us to have friendly relations with the non-believers, but the relations according to democratic and business are allowed but on equal basis, no relation should be tolerated if it is against the Islamic law. Also the majority of public of Pakistan do not like India-Pakistan friendship, and what’s the point of friendship when the major issues like Kashmir, Dams on rivers and Siachan are not solved yet. Pakistani government has given the title of Most Favorite Country to India in order to increase trade with it, this decision was highly condemned by the majority living within Pakistan, the government should not make decision against the sentiments of the people.
Under this scenario is Indo-Pak friendship is possible? Think! 

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  1. Some update on my own thoughts, I think that friendship with India is a bad idea, what we actually need is professional relationship, a relationship with India on equality basis, a relationship under which all the issues which consist of Kashmir as well as Water issues, these must be solved on the table so as to avoid the threats of war, we have to solve these issue with talks and not always thinking of war, but if the war is imposed on us by any means we fight it till the end. But first priority will be using of word of mouth rather than bullet of gun.


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