Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pakistan Police, to protect and to serve!

Police are a obligatory part of our society, to control the increasing crimes in our localities. But here comes the sad part, whenever we see a policeman we welcome them with a frowning face. Today I want you to take a different look at a policeman. Have you ever wonder that inside that uniform there is a common man, a common man who also had feelings, a common man who is also affected by the rate of inflation, same like us or I can say somewhat more than us. Taking a closer look, we see a man in uniform holding a gun have a salary in between 8500 PKR to 11000 PKR, who is ready to fight the criminals who have more advanced weapons than him. Let us ask ourselves would we be able to sacrifice our lives and be ready to fight the crime in this dangerous world for only Rupees 8500 per month, indeed it’s a difficult decision to be made. 
I have always said in my blogs that don’t criticize the after effects, without condemning the root cause! The major impression of a policeman in front of us is a man in uniform, having a gun with a big belly, big dangerous moustaches, ready to take a bribe, standing at the corner of the road looking for the riders so that he may stop them and get some cash. Do we ever think why he is doing all this? Rs. 8500/= is the answer, in the present era when a electricity bill goes minimum Rs. 3000, plus house rents, gas, water  & sewerage bills, schools fee, household expenditure , do you still think the salary is enough for it? Thus a man who is fighting a crime, whose life is always at risk and he is living on the edge, but despite that he is getting paid very low, this makes him do crime in its own way. In this way he makes his living and also earns people’s hate along with it. I am not defending his illegal acts, but clarifying what really the root cause of the problem is!
We should appreciate that a policeman is ready to sacrifice his life just for his country although getting paid very low. The government should take notice, to increase the salaries of policeman, to provide them latest weapons so that they can protect themselves and the people. The government should provide them colonies and free educations, to free their minds from tensions of their kid’s future so that they will be able to serve the public and perform their duties with utmost honesty.
As I mentioned in a blog before on the positive activities on the Youth Intelligentsia, this time they have planned to make a program to give a tribute to the common policeman, and also make efforts so that government should provide facilities to the officials so that they may be able to perform their duties and serve as per the standard. Youth Intelligentsia will also make a forum for the police officers, where their children will be provided scholarships as well. The gaps between the police and the youth will be tried to decrease so that the upcoming educated youth will be eager to join the police force. The more educated young man inducted in police force will make a more healthy and positive environment where the propagation of corruption will be difficult and almost impossible.
Many of them are performing their duties honestly; they should be given respect and honor. They got threatened, injured, martyred but despite this they are still ready to serve, an honest policeman is bearing this and still being faithful with his country and vision.

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