Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ghulam Azam, We are ashamed…

An aged personality with white beard and bright face on wheel chair because he is so weak to walk on his own feet, this is Ghulam Azam the former Ameer of Jamat Islami Bangladesh in prison due to alleged war crimes. The crimes he is might be proud of, because it has been done for the unity of the Muslim Ummah and against the opressors and invasors. 
Ghulam Azam was from a religious family completed his education from Dhaka university and was the general secretary of the student union. He was a part of the Bengali Language movement which was arise after 1948 death of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, for which he was arrested and his job from the university teaching was dismissed due to the trials. Azam was an active member of the Tablighi Jamat at that time and lead as an Ameer of the organization from 1952 to 1954. In 1954 he was influenced and inspired by the teaching and ideology of Maulana Syed Abul Aala Maudoodi and joined Jamat Islami, soon got the Rukniyat and rose up to the upper level of Jamat Islami and in 1957 he became the General Secretary. He became the Ameer of the Jamat Islami in 1961 till the 1971 war broke out after which he can’t come to his country back but he came back as a result of his utmost struggle. He was in West Pakistan when the war broke out and the Bangladeshi independence was announced, he was in aeroplane heading to East Pakistan but due to the incident the aeroplane was turned to Saudi Arabia. War in East Pakistan had started and the Mukti Bahni which was supported openly by India was fighting against Pakistani army and creating riots and bad situation all over the Bangladesh. Many reverted militants of Mukti Bahni told that they also did illegal activities in Pakistani army uniform to make over a bad face of Pakistani army. 
Before the independence Ghulam Azam criticized many times the actions of Pakistani army and their uncontrolled military operation in East Pakistan but it was not published due to strict sensor on the newspapers at that time.
The time when there was war in the East Pakistan the Mukti Bahni terrorist keep on killing the non-Bengalis and Beharis, there were dead bodies spread all around and everyone was afraid to even help them to bury, at that time it was Jamat Islami’s Shanti Committee which started welfare works and collecting and burying the dead bodies of those who are brutally murdered on the roads.
Ghulam Azam came to Bangladesh on Pakistani passport on a visit visa, and file a complaint that he must be given the Bengali nationality because he belong to that land by birth, he won the case in Supreme Court and was granted the nationality, after which he started the political struggle of Jamat Islami.
January 2012, he was arrested along with other leaders of Jamat Islamic in accusation to the war crimes by the International Crimes Tribunal alleged to be done crimes against humanity in 1971. Later he was sent to Dhaka Central Jail as the court refused the appeal for the bail, he was then transferred to the hospital and continually kept in hospital prison due to his bad health condition. Her wife Afifa Azam has said that his weight is decreased to three kilograms in the last month due to adverse care in the hospital. It is a violation of the human rights that he is not cared properly in the hospital despite notified.
As the war crimes referring to it are actually the actions he took to keep united the East and West Pakistan in the adverse situation, he did for the betterment of Pakistan and the Muslim Ummah. The actions referring as the war crimes are the actions taken for the stability of the two nation theory. The government of Pakistan should take action and request the government of Bangladesh for ceasing the false allegation on the living legend. Also all the Islamic and patriotic organization of Pakistan should pressurize government of Pakistan to take action and raise their voices for the noble cause. This is the least we can do for our Mohsin.

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