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Resignation of PM Gillani - By Syed BurhanUddin

These days there is only one topic in streets/universities/markets and the great cabinet that is the resignation of Prime Minister Gillani. As far as I see it, I believe there is no question of this activity and why should he resign? I mean what is the ground for it? Just to handover the CURRENCY CHAIR to others before time? Why these people can’t wait just a few more months? Six months? It’s not an issue I think, coz they (PMLN) are not going to give a BIG BREAKTHROUGH to the nation in any sector then why they are in so hurry. My suggestion to them and all of the other parties is that please be patient and relax and wait for their turn.

Let me give you some technical justifications that why PM do not have to resign. When we want to analyze something, something like a Supreme Court judgment and its implementation, we must understand and we should know that are we sincere and serious with the decision? Are we TRUE what we are saying? And to analyze we have some scales, like Morality/Ethics/humanitarian aspects, sentiments etc...
Let us see what are these scales and what the history of these scales is in human life and how people have gone through these analyses in the history and that will help us to understand the situation and the resignation of the PM. It will also help us to support our PM not to resign due to all these moralities.

Morality/Ethical grounds:

I think this is the easiest scale to judge any activity in this country, just look at your argument that this nation is asking Mr. Gillani to resign ethically/morally. My question is what do you call ETHICS/MORALITY in general or what do you people understand the meaning of MORALITY or ETHICS? As I know morality or ethics are something that is the attitude/behavior/values of the majority of the society. Those values are set by the noble personalities of the societies and these values are set in a long time, not in a week or a day.

Do I need to explain your & mine attitude in detail? The day PM Gillani becomes convicted, next day a six year old girl has been married to an old man. What moral grounds do we have to judge our PM when we are not able to handle a six years old child in this country? What character this society has and what else do we expect from it? And PM has nothing to do with this!

Morality of this society is that a person has sold out the nation and the defense of this country and there is not a single was raised against this action. It seems the nation is sleeping, good for health. A great example of the moral character of us is that in a TV Talk show when representatives of the two rival parties are sitting and both are calling names to each other against their corruption, it’s a great thing to see that both are pointing out each others characterless attitude while no one feels shame, instead they point out the other in response. Sometimes I feel Chief Justice had made a great decision. Because when in a LIVE talk show of 60 minutes daily, 5-6 days a week for last 4 years in front of 18 crore population and at least One million international audience if no one feels shame when his character has been shown to them, how come Mr. Gillani is going to feel shame in a punishment of 30 seconds and that is in a room, where no one has seen how was the face of that convicted PM standing in front of the judiciary and having no shame or guilt on his face. So the target was to give him a punishment which completes its duration and that is done. Well done CJ! Well we all saw his smiling face published in newspapers when he came out of the court. 
We were talking about morality and values in our society, I’m confused about the meanings of these words, and it seems that we have understood the meanings as being characterless, shameful, full of guilt and corrupt personality is known as a highly valued personality.
Let me conclude the MORALITY by the PM words that, "Why should I resign ethically when I have not done any unethical activity by not accepting the orders of the Supreme Court. I’m not the PM of PMLN; I’m the PM of PPPP". When an executive of the state claims to be the PM of just a single party, not the state, it proves 2 points:

1. He is not a PRIME MINISTER/EXECUTIVE of the state anymore.
2. He does not deserve to be the executive of the state as his vision is only his party, not state.

As the national character is as above, there is no moral ground or ethical responsibility of the PM Gillani to resign from his PM seat.

Let’s talk about,
To analyze a case on the basis of Humanitarian scale is a tough job because you will have to analyze the humans first which is not an easy task. To resign on Humanitarian grounds you must make sure these two points:

1. You are human
2. Mr. Gillani is human

To prove the first point we will compare ourselves with other humans living on this planet, lets compare with Tunisia. Tunisia is a beautiful country with Muslim majority having French colony there, people are not really sure about their Islamic responsibilities in general but the way they respond to an inhuman action of a policeman who killed a shopkeeper without any reason. The people reacted to this injustice and the government has to resign and royal family has to run from the country. This response by the society to injustice and an inhuman action proves about this society that this society belongs to humans. 

Now what humanity are we talking about? The day PM has been convicted, the next day an operation in Karachi has been started on "humanitarian grounds” against the militants of Lyari. Not a single voice rose that how come the militants came to Lyari all of a sudden and such a Grand Operation started. Not a single voice from the city, nor from the country. Why? Because initially we were four provinces with four different tribes, now in Karachi only we are three tribes on the basis of Parties (i.e. ANP/ MQM/ PPP)
These tribes don’t believe in humanity so there is no reaction to any injustice. Everybody is happy with his own tribe; they have nothing to do with the good or bad of the other tribes.
Now let me share a summary of the Lyari fighters. For last 30 years PPP is in power in Lyari and it is the only area in City Karachi which is under full PPP control for last 30 years and in every election PPP gets their seats in Lyari but. Abdul Rehman Baloch (alias Dakait) died in PPP era. Lyari Grand Operation started in PPP Era. Now How come the Lyari terrorists has got such a huge and advance weapons that the police is not able to enter in the area not even on the 6th day of the operation? And for last 4 years PPP dint knew about these weapons? Nobody will ask this question and no one will respond to it. Reason is that MQM is not in a position to handle such crack down of PPP against them so they are silent. ANP is totally in favor of PPP so even if Zardari and Gillani stand in the street and start abusing the people one by one, ANP will stand at their side.
Now let’s talk about the humanitarian grounds/reasons of the Lyari Grand Operation. that is the migration/shifting/support  of the LYARI ppl to another political party and leaving the PPP which is in power at this time due to PPP's negligence of the lyari ppl.

2.the 2nd point is very simple and clear. when you have not responded to an injustice u proved u r not human,so in elections no humans has voted .and the ppl elected does not belong to the community of the humans so whoever was elected if he is doing something unhuman ,y are we complaining?he is doing exactly wat his society allows him and deserves.

So this is the Humanitarian reason Y PM GILLANI SHUD NOT RESIGN. Now the "EMOTIONS" actually as I understands the emotions of the ppl, they want to blackmale GILLANI ,known as Emotional Blackmailing for his resignation from the PM seat.  my question is Y ? what is the Logic of resigning emotionally ? I think you ppl have missed the meanings of EMOTIONS as you forgot Ethics and Values.
The History of EMOTIONS starts with the CREATOR of this UNIVERSE and goes on ........

Mostly we discuss 2 types of emotions, love and hate.

It was the Love of ALLAH with the Last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that HE created this universe ,each n everything just for HIS PROPHET(PBUH). It was the Emotion of Love that me n u came into being including GILLANI.  ALLAH gave this emotion to us the humans too and we see its examples
of Love n Hate in different forms. When ALLAH's Prophet YOUSUF(PBUH)(Joseph) was in the Kings Palace and the Queen fell in love with was a Emotional attraction towards the Prophet with Love.

These 2 examples of Love are enough to understand wat the EMOTION is. Another example of Emotion of Hate is It was the love of JINNAH with the nation that he worked hard to get a separate homeland and
after getting separate homeland it was teh emotion of HATE with the INDIAN NATION that JINAH refused to take a flight over the Air space of India to visit East Pakistan.

Now The LOVE and HATE of PM GILLANI, his love is for his sone who made 7 billions rupees, the 2nd son and wife both are on "JOB". His hate is for the Non-PPP Voters and the result is that there is
nothing being done for the betterment of the country ,of the ppl of pakistan who are not supporters of PPP.

when ur emotions are with your family and not with the Country/Nation then u shud not expect from GILLANI /ZARDARI or any other IDIOT. by the way Mr.GILLANI is not a emotionless personality because

whatever he is doing, he is doing under his extreme emotions power with his dead Benazir and alive its good that our PM has some emotions,wat happend if these emotions are not for us.

The point is PM GILLANI has nothing to do with the EMOTIONS I explained in the above lines,the only emotions he has are with the currency notes and his party of corrupt and idiot party members.

So there is no question of a non-human person resigning emotionally!  Now if and only if you the nation still wants the resignation of GILLANI, you need to do 1 job.
Get QAADRI as Security Guard of GILLANI!

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