Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We live in a country - Pher bhe dil hai Pakistani

Yesterday I received a sms from a very close friend; it was about some individualitied of our country Pakistan, I love to share them with you these unique qualities. 
We live in a country where Pizza home delivery is faster than Ambulance and police services. Indeed, yesterday I was on a road when I saw the collision of two bikers, both of them on the ground, immediately I and other people on the road stopped and help them getting up, one of the man was okay while the other one’s leg seems to be broken, the swelling was high. The man requested to call his brother, we called his brother to come and take him to hospital, by the time when we were sitting with the injured man on the road, a police mobile passed but sadly they don’t even bother to stop and see what has happened and why the people are gathered here, it was shocking for me as the main slogan of the city police as they title themselves as “Madadgaar” (Helpers), but I was amazed to see the helping attitude, maybe they thinking that leaving a person idle is more helpful to the injured person then to help him and making it a police case where treatment comes after investigation. Despite that the attitude of the local people was very helpful, people stopped by and help him to call his brother, many people stopped and asked if they need an ambulance. Reading this some of you might think that it’s not the duty of the police, but during our stay we have also seen a traffic police constable going but he also don’t even bothered to stop by and look into the matter, maybe his duty time was over or maybe it is not his duty area. The local people, who stopped, stayed with the man till the end helping him to support his injured leg.
We live in a country where rice is more than Rs. 90/ per kg but the mobile SIM is almost free. Just open the TV pick up a news channel 90% advertisement are about the free promotional offers offered by the mobile companies, in a country where above 80% people have not access to clean drinking water what is the point of getting our communication systems to utmost heights while the same time a common man is struggling to get food for two times. Sad but true, the mobile companies also review their corporate social responsibility.
We live in a country where shoes are sold in the air conditioned show rooms but the vegetable are sold on footpaths. This is another example of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.
We live in a country where lemon juice is sold with artificial flavor but the dishwashing soap is filled with real lemon. A funny fact indeed.
We live in a country where the leading class having fake degrees while the authentic degree holder is jobless. Another dilemma, but though it is because of our ignorance, we are ourselves responsible for this. Ever asked an educated young man to whom they vote the first thing you might hear is he telling you proudly that he do not belong to any political group and didn’t vote all his life. When the people don’t vote and don’t strive for a better government then it is obvious that they have handed over the system to the criminals who are thus authorized to make their own systems, rules and laws.
It is our duty to vote and select a leadership which is true and sincere, who must have religious background so that they are able to distinguish between the good and the bad.

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