Monday, May 21, 2012

Confessions of a Pakistani…

I am a Pakistani, not a simple Pakistani but a loyal Pakistani, what’s more the prove of my loyalty that I criticize much to my politicians and political parties who are eating the country like hell, without being myself involved in the politics I think I am doing the biggest work for my country in my opinion.
I am a Pakistani, I love my country, but as you know the universities are junk here so I am trying to get admission in university of a foreign country like UK, yet still I am to be a patriotic person because after completing my education I will be coming back and serving my country, I mean what more can I do for Pakistan.
As you already know how the economic situation of the country coming down at the speed of light, yeah, the corrupt politicians and industrialist are making the country like a hell, so I planned to go outside for money making probably USA or UAE, Oh please don’t think I’m doing this for myself, Naah, its just for Pakistan well I will earn and send money to my parents and they will spend here or save in the banks as per their requirement this will make our economy better.
Well, I will eventually try to get a accommodation in Canada, its for Pakistan sake too, don’t know how to justify but my heart says if I will live and work in Canada this will be more beneficial for my country.
I will spend all my life in Europe and finally I want to die in Makkah, as I am a Muslim so that my all sins would be washed away and will bury in Madina, although I have to prove that I am a Muslim after all. What more can I do for my religion after that I’m so much busy in this life that can’t took out five minutes for namaz.
 I am a Pakistan, a loyal and patriotic Pakistani, but you know my language is Urdu and when I talk in my office and university I look like a “Paindoo”, that’s why despite my ultimate love for my language I usually talk in English its look more professional and civilized. I wonder how China, Russia propagated without English, its difficult!
I love to eat Chinese food, Italian Pizzas, Russian Salads, well its not Haraam after all, still I’m a patriotic Pakistani. Let me tell you about the electronic items manufactured in my country without guarantee that’s why I turned to Japanese electronics, they are durable, but don’t think that I don’t love my country if I do this. I do!
Despite the rich culture, music and environment of my country I love to watch English movies and listen to Indian songs; still I’m a patriotic Pakistani. I am so happy to see my little daughter singing “Wanday Mataram”, how cute she looks; she will be a patriotic Pakistani like me too. To tell you more many of our patriotic singers who sing songs for Pakistan got fame and get known to us from the Indian media!
Still proud to be a Pakistani?
A Question to Think about!
Think again!

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