Thursday, May 3, 2012

Having a Bad Day: Who is Responsible ?

Monday morning you wake up, its 7 am and you have to leave your house at 8:00 am to reach work on time at exact 8:30 am. A nice schedule, your office dress is already pressed, get in the washroom out in 5 minutes, go to the kitchen you put the kettle on the oven and prepared some tea, while tea is going to be ready you are putting butter on the bread, get the tea, take a refreshing sip, its 7:30 am and almost the breakfast is over, relax, switch on the laptop and check your emails and social networking updates. See the news headlines, it’s almost few minutes to 8:00 am, say bye to your parents if they are awake, give them a sweet smile, it’s the way to heaven. Start the car/bike, move on the road, the traffic is normal, the day is shiny, no worries, you reached the work 10 minutes before the time, greet everyone with a smile, good day ahead.
Monday morning you wake up, OMG its 7:35 am, went to the washroom, someone’s already in, now you are knocking on the door, requesting them to come out, as soon as its vacant you go in, its 7:45 am, you come out, very well, your cloths aren’t ready! Aarghhhhhh… you put on the old stuff, move on you come to see if you can take some breakfast, no butter no bread, well tea is enough though, while you are busy with tea its 5 minutes past 8:00 am, now you are getting real annoyed, you think about the consequences you are going to face in the office today, you start shouting at the siblings and parents, quarrelling, you feel sad but no time left  to say sorry you are in a hurry, you come outside, the car/bike do malfunctioning, kick it so hard, run towards the bus stop, you are all sweaty and dirty, in the bus had a quarrel with the passengers, enter the office showing angry face to everyone, bad luck for the rest of the day.
Who made your day a bad one? Is it the situation?  Or is it your own actions? What we should do when we encounter such problem, most of the time we get annoyed and confused and thus mess up rest of the day, due to one incident all our things gone bad, the right thing to do is don’t get upset. Remain confident and try to cover up the things in correct way, if the first thing gone wrong, ok, try to do the rest of things according to the plan, so at the end of the day you will be satisfied. No one is perfect; in order to perform perfectly you have to work hard without getting annoyed and stressed! 

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