Thursday, May 3, 2012

Youth Intelligentsia : The Way I See It

Youth Intelligentsia, as I see it, a group of boys from different universities, mostly private institutions like LUMS, Iqra University, SZABIST, Biztek, MAJU, etc, gathered because they have a sense of patriotism and the desire to see Pakistan on the top of the world. Previously it has been a common misconception that students from the private institutions are mostly the “Bigri hui Aulaads”, no offense the private institutions can only be affordable to the elite class sue to their high fees and standards. But Youth Intelligentsia has proved that in the private institutes youth can bring a positive change in the way of thinking of their fellow students. Right now this group is working for the betterment of Pakistan as much as they can do within their reach and domain. They have a facebook page with more than 600 likes, and a large number of events which they had organized; they upload details and pictures of every event they organize so that the people far beyond the reach can also see the activities and this motivate members to participate in the upcoming events more efficiently.
End of the spring, Youth Intelligentsia planned a picnic, but the intention behind the picnic program was something more interesting. They stayed and camp in the undeveloped area of Thatta, the intention was to invite the uneducated child labors and introduce them to the light of education. They have with them lot of educational stuff, small books for the beginners and stationary. In the beginning no response has been seen, but to achieve the mission to attract children towards the education, they went to the area inside and distributed some books. At last the marketing strategy worked and one by one children started coming and joining the session at the educational camp.
Writing helping beginner’s books and stationary are provided to the children, also every member was there to help and mentoring, they were showing them “how to write” as it might be the first introduction of the children to the education / writing. The program seems successful as a number of children from the nearby area visited and took active part in the activity, they were so much excited about the learning experience this is visible from their glowing faces and energized voices. The effort made by the Youth Intelligentsia seems to have attained accomplishment.

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