Tuesday, May 15, 2012


A man visited an elephant house, he was so amazed to see that huge animal are controlled by only a single and small chain in their legs, surprisingly no elephant was trying to break the chain. He was so astonished and asked the elephant keeper about it, what the keeper told was even more interesting, he said that when the animals are small they are bind by this small and thin chain, at that time they might have tried to break the chain but they were not able to do so, time passed and they got huge but due to the mind which was developed in the childhood they still not try to break the chain… This is called mind set.
Not only in animals, we humans also experience this theory, we never try any new thing because when we are going to take a step these words echo in our head “how can we do it” or “it is beyond our reach”, having this mind set we never try to do something new or challenging and in this way our life always remains constant, this is the mind set which make us do the same job the whole life. Despite that those who are able to break the chains and ready to accept challenges, get new opportunities and success in life. Successful people always accept challenges, they are never afraid of trying new things and experiences.
Not only in individuals, this theory seems to be correct in the national level. Our leaders are afraid of talk openly in other nations (except their own people), when the American senator called and gave Mr. Musharraf two options either be with them or be against them, the coward leader with the army mind set bow his head in front of them, now we can see we are under such influence of America that we cant make our own decision by ourselves, China is offering us cheap electricity but we can not accept this offer because America abide us to do so.
On the other hand, we have other nation Afghanistan, the Taliban welcomed the war imposed on them by America, now after more than ten years of fighting we had seen that America got no way out from Afghanistan, they are deep inside that they can’t even retreat without the authorization of Taliban. The American authorities had accepted that they lost war in Afghanistan.
Who is the free nation? Do you still think that after more than 60 year of independence, what type of freedom is this that we can’t even take financial and economical decision by ourselves? Do you still think we are free? Think again!

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