Thursday, May 3, 2012

Liyari Situation: Rebellions Unearthed!

 “A gorilla fight against a group will be so difficult and almost impossible if the local public is supporting the group.”
This is what happened in Swat, the local public of Swat were supporting Taliban when they came, and after the army entered they hold a rally in the support of the Shariah law and demand that government should compromise with the TTP. Later the matter was out of hand and we saw a big inter country migration as well loss of lives on both sides. It took a long time for army to take control of that area, it was difficult.
Go back; see the history of Sri Lanka, yes the Tamil rebellions were strongly supported by the local public of the area. It took decades for Sri Lankan army and loss of several lives on both sides to finally occupy the area. 
India has various freedom movements going within it, there is a large area which is under the control of rebellions and there are some areas where Indian police army or security forces can’t even enter.
Not so long ago, we saw the Russian invasion in Afghanistan the whole Afghan nation fought against the invasion of the Russia and later we saw the breaking of Russian states into several new countries of the central Asia. Just because it was the support of local population that they oppose the foreign invasion, the gorilla fighters might not need weapons or the money, but the history has shown that their greatest desire is the moral support from their people. With the moral support of the local community they will automatically get what it will require to win a fight. 
Thus, what will be an effective government strategy in countering the gorilla rebellions that they should first spread the negative opinion about the rebellions so that they may lose the support from the local community, once this is done, the government forces can easily capture the area, as then no one will be there to hide the rebellions in their homes as well.
However we can not compare the above situation with the situation I’m describing below, above I have mentioned several national and international rebels, but below is a story of a small area in Karachi, the purpose of telling the above all scenario is the situation of Liyari, most of the population is Baloch, the leaders of the Peoples Aman Committee Sardar Uzair Jan, Habib Jan, etc whether the government call them dacoits, the mafia or the rebellion group, but it’s a fact that they have the support of local community of Liyari, previously their ancestor Abdul Rehman Baloch (a.k.a Dakait) was also the most popular person among the local community, this support was more evident on his death when a lot of women and children came on the roads of Liyari and the nearby areas and protested against his death, they were claiming that he was killed under police custody. This is a bird eye view, well if we research deeply we may find out a different situation. Right now if the police do operation and will enter the area, the rebellions have the option that the local people might let them hide in their homes, thus on further operation the local community will suffer.

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