Saturday, May 19, 2012

Are we under the wrath of Allah?

Take a look at the events happened in the last month, along with all the bomb blasts, drone attacks and killings Pakistan had suffered a lot from the natural disasters too.
Death of more than 150 soldiers and some civilians at Siachan. The crash of Bojha airways airline which cause more than 227 deaths.
The narration of Hadith about the events happening near the end of time. Holy Prophet had told us about the disasters which will happen in result if some sins become common in the Ummah.
This is the Mafhoom e Hadith e Nabvi Salallaho-alehi-wa-alehi-wasallam, a few lines from a long Hadith are summarized: “When the appearance of women who sings and dances and musical instruments, when the last people of the Ummah starts to blame the ancestors, during this time wait for the following disasters like red storms, earthquakes, destroying of faces, rain of the stones, and such disasters which will come one by one in a pattern like a necklace is broken and its beads fall one after another”. 
In another Hadith it is said: “In this ummah destructions like being pulled under earth, destroying of faces and rain of the stones will happen, a Muslim asked when will this happen, Rasool Allah replied when women who sing and instruments of musics will appear and drinking will be done” (Sunan Tirmizi, J-2, Hadith # 2138)
If we take a glance to present era, we will find that this might be the era, in this era the musical instruments are very cheap and easily accessible, almost in every home you will find a guitar or some sort of musical instruments. As said in the Hadith that the appearance of women who sings and dance will happen, we can see in every home nowadays there is TV set and access to cable network and these cable network are promoting the dance and singing with full extent. If you take a look at some channels like Geo, Hum and Ary you will see a number of singing / dancing competitions going on in which girls from good houses also participate and they feel no shame in it, as if this might be their routine. In every home now there is daily appearance of women who sings and dances in the form of musical programs going on in the television network. 
From the events we have seen in the last month which happened too fast and one after another, causing death of a number of people. This point not to think, but to do! We have to start following proper Islam, which Allah and his prophet had given us. We have to revive the concept of Amar Bil Maroof Wa Nahi ‘Anil-Munkar (to preach for the good and to stop from bad deeds), so that when we will face our Allah, we face him with smiling and a brighter face.

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