Friday, May 11, 2012

The World is Just Amazing: Leaning Tower Vs Liaqatabad Buildings

The world is just amazing, a building which was began to built in 1173 and start to lean in 1178, after that it has been built with many pauses, some builders left the work, some died, sometimes the construction was fast and sometimes ceased, in order to stop it from moving continuously it has been under construction till now, until in 2008 engineers announced after repair work that it has been stable for upcoming 200 years, God knows what will happen as the contract from those engineers will eventually expire, maybe they had given some warranty for their work.
Well my point of view is, the world is just “amazing”, or in other words “foolish”, there are many building which are more beautiful more architectural more better constructed and still serving the humanity but the world is going to title the “seventh wonder of the world” to that building which is  not even giving shelter to a single person, which is can’t even used as a clock tower, it can’t even hold the weight of the bell, and it still moving to come to the ground, well this is the “seventh wonder of world”.
Will you ever hire again this consultant for the construction of your building, well maybe you will! Because you know it is easy to foolish people by making a defective building, and name it some leaning tower, you don’t even pay for electricity, gas, water & sewerage bill for the building as it is not for living, and still you can generate revenue from the lot of visitors who are coming to see and make photos with it.
I suggest the world should also visit Pakistan, as there are many building here which have been certified from the building authority that they are not really fit for living, but still we see people don’t want to leave the house of their ancestors. The tourist will grant them the seventh wonder of world once they see the situation of the building and I hope they will be more amazed to see that the people living very happily in them living fearless life. Pakistan can generate a lot of revenue from it.
Jokes apart, this article was written in funny manner so that government as well as people should feel ashamed what they are doing with themselves, the building they are living in are not fit for use. This has been notified by expert construction analyst but people got solid evidence when some buildings which are notified by the building authority actually collapsed, we can still see some buildings in old areas like Saddar, Liaquatabad, etc which can be recognized by naked eye that they are not meant for living and can collapse anytime. Proper identification and action can save a lot of lives. Think again!

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