Monday, April 30, 2012

BE YOUR BEST - Dare to take Risks !

Ever wonder, when in life you are going to take a risky step, you hear so many voices which are stopping you to do that, they give you big reason of why you should not take a risky step, they tell you about accidents, they tell you about the difficulties, they tell you the failures of other people who tried the same, they are not your enemies, but they are your friends, relatives, parents, life partner or siblings, those who might have think the good for you, but despite that there is a madness which make you boost your motivation every time someone give a negative comment and tell you to stop, thus, only at that time you realize that you have the courage to do something new, you realize that achieving a target is not very difficult, you realize that the failure you might experience will be much more lesser than the experience you will get, you realize that its hard to take a risk but its more motivating to see yourself on the top. Just then, the madness initiates sparks in you, and you do the unbelievable and unexpected, whether its jumping from a mountain with a parachute, whether its surfing on the high waves when people are afraid of tsunami, it’s the madness which makes you stand up in the ring after getting beaten from your opponent so hard, you stand and start running after getting down on the ground injured badly in a race, you are ready to invest some million rupees in a risky project, or it maybe you simply resign from your 75000 rupees salaried job just to do the things you always wanted, you might take any type of risk, because it’s the only thing which proves that you are really alive and breathing.
Taking risks is difficult, scary, fearful, frightening but once you are in, you are in! You just have to believe in yourself, you have to be the best; you have to convince yourself that…


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