Monday, April 16, 2012

Fight For Right OR Freedom Movements, What's Realiy?

Liberation and freedom movements in Pakistan are no surprise as ethnical politics at some point result this! Political parties in Pakistan which are under the influence of sect, race, province, and ethnical background, fearfully they are able to make a freedom movement if they got power. We have many ethnical parties working in Pakistan, which originate as local political parties working for the rights of people of their ethnicity, later this political struggle converted into freedom movements? How? We have in front of us, Jiye Sindh Qaumi Mahaz, Baluchistan Liberation Organization, etc. These parties started their struggle for their rights which later on converted into freedom movements. Some argue that they are wrongfully lead, while some have the opinion that they are foreign funded.
Have the Pakistan army and Government took no lesson form the incident of Bangladesh (the fall of Dhaka), it was a part of Pakistan, where some issues had been exploited and taken to extreme. We have issues & discrepancies everywhere, despite of going towards the solution leaders took these issues to the point of no return, it has been allegedly said that the Bangladesh freedom movement was not only financially funded by India but also armed supported. They form a militia Mukti Bahni (Freedom Army) which was trained by the Indian forces. Later this issue was taken to the point when Shaikh Mujeeb Ur Rehman (publicized as Bangla Bundo), openly said that they want their right of freedom and will go to United Nations. This is a perfect example how a movement for basic rights Awami League transformed into movement of freedom, just because it's based on ethnical values.
Pakistan is financially weak, overall Pakistan, not a single province, almost 80% of the population of Pakistan under the line of poverty! In this scenario if we think that we are specifically or intentionally oppressed, then it's totally wrong. We all belong to any ethnicity, but we have to take our mind to the right direction. If you think you are oppressed (i.e. not getting education, not getting enough jobs or rights) then look at the people of other ethnicity, you can see, not only you or your ethnicity is being oppressed; the entire Pakistan is under poverty and financial crisis. So why make different ethnical groups and make false slogans of right, when the problem is national. You can form a combined group on the basis of Pakistanism and call for your right of education, job, shelter, food, etc. Make national movements for national issues!
What are the consequences of making sectarian groups? You will always be working for the rights of your ethnicity, and after being much depressed might transform it into liberation movement. Despite being constructive you will be going towards destruction. Pakistan is our country and we are here to live together under the umbrella of Islamic laws, this is the basis of two nation theory, Pakistan is founded to be a stronger nation. Don't forget the words of Indera Gandhi spoken after the fall of Dhaka that, "this day the two nation theory is drowned in the Bay of Bangal".
Mahajir Sooba Tehrik, Sooba Hazara Tehrik, Gilgit Baltistan Tehrik, you can find a number of parties working on the ethnical issues. They all have the capability to transform into freedom movements as the JSQM and BLO. Being a loyal Pakistani, the supporters of ethnical groups should watch closely intentions of their leaders and observe where they are heading them to. And get away from them as soon as they find them heading in wrong direction, people should know their power we make the leaders and we are able to demolish these idols. We have to end politics on the basis of ethnicity, or in the future we will be crying when each group will be striving for freedom, and then there will be nothing left to do.
Love Islam, Love Pakistan

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