Tuesday, April 17, 2012

P for Parliament - P for Puppets

Once again the foreign authorities has used Pakistani parliament to carry on their mission. The parliament has relieved the NATO supply, the major parties involve in the decision are PPP, MQM, PML (N), PML (Q), JUI (F), ANP. The interesting part is the press release which was released after the decision was so hypocritically modified that when you take a glance at it, you will never know what had really happened. This is another example of tactics of our so-called-free-media. It seems like not only parliament and these paid politicians the stake holders of media are also under the influence and are in tight grip of the foreign authorities.
The era of dictatorship, dictator President Parvez Musharraf agreed to align with US, he agreed with them to provide the ports, air bases and land routes, Pakistan was under sold in this way and this campaign was named "Sub Say Pehle Pakistan". Later the situation proved that this was the worst decision taken in the history of Pakistan, which spread terrorism in Pakistan. People had expected that the new elected government will make decisions according to the will of the public, but the time has proved that the people's party is no more a people's party, because American influence increased under their supervision, the drone attacks increased, the footsteps of the dictator are followed more than ever. On the Raymond Davis incident, the whole nation was united at a point that he should not be freed and handed over to USA, but they did it. On the issue of Dr. Afia the public was expecting that the government might take a bold step, but again they
show their cowardice.
On the NATO supply issue again the people of Pakistan were expecting a good step, they should know that a puppet always dances the way the strings are moved, and again a condemnable step is taken. This time they made alliance with many parties in the decision so that no one can blame "only" them about the NATO supply release.
On the decision made by the parliament, news released which you can see on this link. You can see that from the words used in the press release are such that in a glance no one can identify that NATO supply is released. One would be expecting that the free media should be showing a special report on the issue and show headlines like "NATO supply has been released" "the parliament had done it again", but instead we can see that complete silence on the media in fact some news channels had praise the decision and said that it will bring PAK-USA relations to normalization.
This exposed the so-called-free-media face in the public. At this step it is a point to rethink that to which we are going to vote in the upcoming elections are you voting for them, who sold Pakistan's dignity and freedom. Or you will go to vote for them who speak against the American influence on the parliament and their oppression in the borders areas of Pakistan. Are you going to support the parties that make it possible to make India the most favorite nation from Pakistan? Or those who are going to make dropping bombs possible on the afghan brothers (the NATO restorers)?

The choice is yours, the vote is yours! Think about the judgment day when we will have to answer for every step we had taken in this mortal world.

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