Friday, April 27, 2012

Job Opportunities in Big Cities like Karachi - Injustice!

Karachi is a city of 150 million populations “the city of lights”, no wonder the cities with greater population have the largest number of job opportunities. Similarly, in Karachi the numbers of earning opportunities are so much that if a person is really willing to work then it’s possible that nobody will have to sleep starving in the city.
But the problem is not getting a job, or just earning money. But, people are facing the injustice in the jobs. People are desperate because after getting a high qualification they are not getting the job they desire or deserve. Engineers, BBAs, graduates and postgraduates in different subjects are getting Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 in the start. They are really discouraged to see that a labor that is uneducated is getting starting salary of Rs. 7000. Even the daily wagers are making 250 – 350 per day, which make them Rs. 7500 to Rs. 10500 monthly.
In this scenario, the person who is well educated but not getting well paid job of his caliber thinks that if only earning matters not the type of work, then he should find out those opportunities which can make him more money. Thus, engineers are going towards insurance firms, marketing and sales. B.Com’s are going towards administration and human resources, whichever pays more! A big gap in the qualification and the job description, this is because their priority is earning instead of learning or career development.
The educational institutes have started degree programs without proper planning or market survey, they are doing degree programs on experimental basis and the victim is the student, getting number of students admitted in them through efficient marketing techniques, and leave the student idle after he is pass out. Does after completion of education, the responsibility over the institute is over? What must be the role of the liaison department in every institute will be then?
What is the role of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Skill development, Ministry of Research & Development and Ministry of So-And-So in this situation? 
The government should take serious action for the career development of the graduates; proper career counseling and guidance should be provided. The degree programs should only be started after the confirmation of their market demand. So that after getting a degree the candidates must not have to face difficulties. 

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