Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Top Ten Viewers

Well, as you can see in the stats that viewers from many areas of world are visiting this blog. The top viewers are of course from Pakistan, as I also belong to Pakistan, mostly posts are on the topic of Pakistan and issues related to Pakistan which I think to be highlighted. I am surprise to see USA and UK on second and third number on the rating, well, people form USA and UK are interested in a blog about the issues in Pakistan. However this is not a very surprising situation if you see the International Affairs :) The strategic location of our country is some sort of this. Fourth is India, I was expecting it to be on second number, because of my articles written on Hafiz Saeed. Saudi Arabia is on fifth. Thanks for the people of Australia, Germany, Russia, UAE and Canada for visiting this blog. I have received many comments and suggestion through email also, your advise is valuable to me. If you guys want to write in this blog. You are most welcome, and your writings will be published with your name in this blog.

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