Monday, April 16, 2012

The Frog Story: Speak life to people you cross!

Ever heard the story of that tiny little frog? Some frogs planned a race, this race was from the bottom to the highest peak of a mountain. They all prepared for it, a man called the ready, steady and Go". When the race start some of them stopped they don't even bothered to try, as the time passes, the crowd start chanting that these small creatures can never make it to the top. Many of them who are still in high tempo continue their struggle but after some time, they also start collapsing, the crowd was still chanting and raising slogans that, "They can not make it, the mountain is very high for them they can never make it, they are just a bunch of tiny frogs, huh, how can even think of it". Many frogs collapsed one after another, when a very few left the mountain peak is still very high, they were trying hard to reach the top when suddenly all of them collapsed except a very tin frog, who was still running upwards and jumping as hard as he
could, the crowd again started screaming, "you can not make it little one, you will hurt yourself, come down". The frog keep on jumping and running, the crowd was astonished to see it near the peak and then on the top of the peak. Everyone was amazed to see that a tiny frog had done it. The winner was asked how he could manage to do it, the frog not answered; people thought he might don't want to share the secret of success but sooner they found out that the little frog was DEAF!

When we are taking a very risky step, a word in appreciation will be enough to motivate us and we can accomplish whatever we can do. But if a person is already down and demotivated, then a single negative word can make him fall down.
Haven't we got a good moral form the story above? Be deaf for the pessimists! Sadly even friends can make you collapse sometimes (maybe too much caring is not so good). In workplace you might counter to this situation when you will hear rumors about your reputation getting wrong or you might be going for a target when all are saying that you can't do to, but why care if you are doing your job with honesty and carefully monitoring all your responsibilities. In our lives, we have to make decisions, sometimes we have to counter this type of situation, the best practice is follow what is good, what will benefit you and other.
If the action you are going to take will benefit you, the society and environment, then go for it, never think of people's comments. People has always laugh to the person who had did the first thing ever, people had called him mad who want to fly in the air when the airplane was not invented. Steve Job (the founder of Apple) was terminated from the Apple. We have many examples in front of us.
The best example is of Prophet Muhammad who had to leave his city Makkah, due to the oppression of the opponents, later he entered the city as a winner! Indeed he is the best example for all of us.
Keep Winning

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