Friday, April 20, 2012

Economic Crisis & Reforms - By Syed Burhan Uddin

Last week I called my friend and asked him hows life going and hows everything, and I was shocked when he told me that he has resigned.
Yesterday I called my sister and I asked her about her family and in-laws and again I was shocked because her family member has resigned. Two, three years back same thing happened when my friend resigned from his job, all these three are at home.
So, in 18 crore at least these 3 are in my knowledge that are jobless with good skills but all 3 lack One important quality/skill.
That skill i don't know why is not taught in any school/university or any other skill development institute. Yesterday I was watching the program "Kal Tak" and Mr. Javed Chaudhry was counting the ministries in our cabinet and One was Ministry of Skill Development. I think Minister for skill development is the most suitable person to ask the question why they why they are not able to teach that One skill, because that One skill is better then any degree, education, study.
That is in simple words called as POLISH, TC, UTHANA, etc, everybody has kept their own words as per their environment.
You know, these 3 person were earning around Rs. 3 lac per month as a total, still they left the job, in these days when there is no new job in the market, prices are going higher & higher and at this stage one wonders why a person leaves such a good job. The answer is these three idiots don't have that One skill.
The good thing is all 3 are Postgraduate in good subjects. Now imagine 16/17 years of education and they have missed that 1 subject? Not a single teacher was that visionary in their 16 years of education who could have taught them that skill?
Because of this One subject not only these three, there are thousands of our skilled persons are jobless and are of no use to this country and to their families. These people are like "Dharti Per Bojh", good for nothing, they are not contributing in national economic structure for a long time but the life is going on and hence the economic situation of the country is going worst because many skilled people are sitting idle.
As there is a wind of MINISTRY MINISTRY these days in the country, daily we see a new minister for a new field, the nation is going down, country is going nowhere and daily we are getting new ministers, I have an idea for the President/PM, Why not they make a separate ministry by the name of "TC MINISTRY".
The best candidate for this ministry as I see is Babar Awan, he is a "Doctor", sitting idle these days, he can lead this thing very well, and the job of this ministry will be to give education of TC to every single student who is in university and going to the market for job hunt.
The ministry has to take a lead and make/develop such plans/institutions to educate/design the education system in such a way that the student when ready for job market, he is a perfect TC guy. Whether he has other skills or not but he must be a TC Master, because this is the only skill that is going to help the country in these economic crisis.

If we look at the reason why the mentioned 3 persons resigned/left their jobs we will see that the reason are these people themselves. If they are not able to POLISH their boss, this is their mistake. Its not the job of a BOSS to do what he want. Its the job of the subordinate to handle his BOSS in such a way that the Job is done by some other colleague and BOSS is happy with you, and this is only possible when you are a good TC master and this skill will be developed under TC MINISTRY in near future. Yes for instance some people can say that why we get that skill, why not the BOSS get some "Manners" and "Good Behavior", here is the answer to those idiots.

A person when becomes your boss, he is more experienced, more visionary and has seen the world more then his subordinates, this mean he has more experience in this world. Now when a person has spent more time in this world than you, and his parents were not able to teach him the required "Manners", who are you and me to teach them? And now this is not the time to teach them the manners.
As I got a German shepherd last year and he was of 3 months, the shopkeeper told me to hire a teacher for him now to teach it the manners, I said why not after 6 months or later.
He said "Sir, baby learns faster and in a mature age DOGS don't learn, they just do what they have got"! Now look at the impact due to some untrained DOGS on the economy of the country.

1. Many skilled resources are jobless.
2. Many families are still hungry.
3. Many jobless people joins terrorism or any other negative activity.

All such points are due to 2 people.

1. One who have grown up with bad manners from home.
2. People who are not able to bend and they are broken.

The easy way out is:

1. TC ministry
2. Bend a little

But, Bending down will not be for a long term, and the TC ministry will help you for a long time. The point is that the TC ministry should work properly, not like President Zardari.

Pakistan Zindabad.


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