Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Secrets of Success!

It was our last class for that subject our teacher told us about three points of success, he referred to them as "his" secret of success, he is a great financial expert and teaches us financial management but he is a great motivational speaker, he explained these three points taking about a hour but the class was sitting patiently to learn something more from this brilliant man. One hour is not enough. I would like to share those success points below:
Be Humble!
The first thing he told us about humbleness, he said, "Be humble not only in your words but in your actions too, there are a lot of people who pretend that they are very "down to earth" and humble but they are just pretenders, while some people are opposite as they always keep bragging about their works and activities. We should always keep in mind that whatever we have Almighty Allah has bestowed on us and he is able to take back anytime. We have nothing of ourselves but of Allah, this is the reason why we should not be proud of what we did but always thanks the Almighty, be humble". He gave his example, that he think that he is a bit successful (though we know he is a very successful man) the major thing in teaching profession is speaking ability, he said "It takes only seconds for Allah to take back his voice, and there will be nothing but silence!". Always praise to Allah and thank that He has given him this skill so that he can use it
for the betterment.
Be Positive!
Another thing he referred is positivity. Talking about his life experiences he said that thoughts are the initiative point of action, negative thoughts can cause you to negatively act. Thus always think positive; even bring out the positive element from the things which look negative. For this he said that whatever happens to you "never blame others". Think positive, it might be you; it may have been your mistake, if you will think this way you will then be able to correct your mistake, or else if you initiate the blame game, you will never be able to accept your mistake and correct it. If you want to be a leader take responsibilities. In your professional life, if anything goes wrong, never blame your team members or juniors, take responsibility, say that you are the person responsible, act like an umbrella upon your team and they will trust you and stand beside you in thick and thin. Automatically they will accept you as their leader. And for all
the rewards, praise your team and give the credit to them.
Be Cooperative!
Another important rule of success, help and cooperate with other, never be jealous of others, the more you will involved in helping others the more you will get respect, the world is like a mirror, whatever goes around comes around. Some people might think that the way of success is leg-pulling, if you pull someone's leg he might fall and you can go forward. But see the other side of mirror, there will be a day when someone will pull your leg and you will be grounded and no one will be there to help. But if you are a helping hand, even if someone will make you fall, there will be several hands you will see who will be offered to you so that you can get up!

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