Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Story of an Ambassador who had Immunity!

This is a story of a person who was living in Islamabad along with his family; he was the ambassador of a foreign country. It was the morning of January 02, 2002 when he was in his house, performing his morning routines with his family like always. It was 8 o'clock in the morning when his home security guards came and informed that some Pakistani officials came to meet. Hear the story in his own words from now…
I told him to invite them inside and get in the guests room there I met three Pakistani officials. One of them was showing his extreme hatred by his expressions and gestures started the conversation like this, "Excellency, you are no more Excellency". He continued his words, "You know that America is a super power and Pakistan can not compete with it, he needs you for some questioning and we can not deny". I replied that "You are right America is powerful but in order to survive in the world you have to make international relations in balance, you can not hand me over them, may I ask according to which national, international or Islamic law you can justify your steps, the only thing you are authorized to do right now is to tell me to leave the country within a certain time limit".
Without any discussion they ordered me not to leave the house. My house was surrounded by the forces from all sides and my family was also suffering from this. I called the Pakistani office of foreign ministry but they refused to help or talk on this issue. I was told by the security personnel that they are shifting me to Peshawar. I had the ten month Pakistani visa as well as the letter from the foreign affairs that I'm a foreign delegate and should be
treated with respect"
At some minutes past 12 noon three army cars surrounded my house, all the ways to go outside or inside were blocked, the media is restricted to come near the house as wells so that they might not film the situation and the whole world specially Muslims see what is happening with me. I was taken from my house in this situation that my kids were crying. The human rights, national and international laws, democratic rules and regulations were being destroyed one by one by the officials. I was unable to do anything; I have no option but to go with them. I was taken in a car with tinted glass and I can not see outside, some other security cars are also around us. Some security officials were also sitting beside me. The prayer time was passing, despite my request they are not allowing me to pray.
We entered Peshawar, I was taken to an office on which Pakistani flag was waving and a picture of Quaid e Azam was hung, I was taken to a room on the side and I was kept there for two nights. Third night when I was about to sleep suddenly the door opened and a personnel came, he asked me "Do you know what's going to happen with you?" I replied, "No", he asked, "You were not told about anything?" I replied in negative. Then they informed that they are going to shift me right now and said that, "Get you free from washroom and other necessary activities". After about ten minutes I was taken outside, some persons in civilian dress were there, they searched me completely and after that snatched a pocket Quran, a small English dictionary, money and my watch. I was kicked and pushed in a car.
After an hour of journey I heard a voice of a helicopter, hearing this I understood that it must be an American helicopter and now I am finally going to be handed over to Americans. Two personnel took me some steps forward and ordered me to make some steps forwards, someone whispered "Khuda Hafiz". I came forward, some people attacked on me at once, they put me on the ground and begin kicking and beating me. Using a sharp tool, they removed my dress, while keep on hitting. My whole body was aching, my dress was removed, I was naked on the ground, at this moment due to their brutal torture the blindfolds from my eyes were removed. I saw Pakistani soldiers were standing all around in an orderly manner while some American soldiers were also there.
The American soldiers enforce me inside the helicopter kicking and torturing me, I was chained and a black bag was wrapped around my face. At some point when the helicopter came down they kicked me down, some soldiers sit on me while I was still in pain, someone told me to walk down with care, my chains were opened, after travelling a distance the blindfolds were removed, I find my self in a one meter wide and 2 meter long cell, with a toilet at the corner. I was thinking why Pakistani officials done this to me? I am the ambassador, how can they do this?
Raymond Davis is white, he is an American. While the main character of this story is an
Afghani and Muslim, he had a beard and his name is Mullah Abdus Salam Zaeef the former ambassador of Imrat e Islamia Afghanistan in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.


  1. NO, NO, NO..... Poor grammar

    Story of an Ambassador who have Immunity!

    Should be corrected to:

    Story of an Ambassador who has Immunity!

    1. Thanks for your opinion, actually its a matter of past so it has to be:
      Story of an Ambassador who had immunity


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