Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Only $10 Million Bounty, Hafiz is Priceless

Hafiz Muhammad Saeed is a renowned Islamic scholar and leader from Pakistan, his organization Jamat Ud Dawa, is among the most popular nonpolitical organization in Pakistan, related to Ahl e Hadith School of thought, Jamat Ud Dawa is alleged to be supporting Jihad e Kashmir as well.
Despite the myths spread about Hafiz Saeed, the fact is that Jamat Ud Dawa is widely involved in welfare activities on national level, they have a wide and organized network of clinics, hospitals, masjids, madrasas, schools and various welfare activities, thousands of volunteers are permanently working for Jamat Ud Dawa as well everyday many people temporary volunteer in the events and routine activities.
There are many organizations working in the Kashmir, involved in Jihad, Jamat Ud Dawa openly supports them, and in most of the cases contribute in the Jihad as well.
After the Mumbai attacks, Indian Government has put allegation upon Pakistan, specially on Hafiz Saeed and Jamat Ud Dawa, a resolution was also raised in the UN security council, which was later approved and as a result of which Offices, Schools, Madrasas of Jamat Ud Dawa were sealed as well as their bank accounts were freeze by the Government of Pakistan. Hafiz Saeed was victimized. But, he countered the allegations and later came out innocent. The court declared Hafiz Saeed innocent, and all his organizational activities were resumed. This was a large success not only for Hafiz Saeed and Jamat Ud Dawa but for all the Islamic organizations of Pakistan as they can now work freely under the liberty provided by the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
Keeping in mind the American involvement in Pakistan, the drone attacks and the NATO supply issues, Jamat Ud Dawa along with other 40 other organizations, organized a forum with the name of "Difa e Pakistan" (Defend Pakistan), this council organized conferences in key cities nationwide with the name of "Difa e Pakistan Conference" (Defend Pakistan Conference) this was a great step, to mobilize the public and give them the courage to speak openly against the American imposed policies. Despite all the criticism of the secular parties, masses attend these conferences and give full support; these council / conferences also contain some organizations previously banned by Government of Pakistan, some are still under restriction though. But despite that this was a necessary step in making them familiar to the mainstream political affairs. Seeing the masses in conferences it was also said by some political analyst that it might possible that Hafiz Saeed
can join politics and take part in next elections, however Hafiz denied this.
03 April 2012, USA named 10 Million dollars on Hafiz Saeed's head, he was included in the list of most wanted terrorists by USA, and this step was done after the restless efforts and pressure done by Indian Government. In an interview by Geo, on this decision taken by USA, Hafiz Saeed replied, "I have faith, if my death is written then no one can keep me alive, but if Allah wants me to live, no one can kill me but Allah, we will spread our Dawa in whole Pakistan including FATA too". The Islamic organizations of Pakistan condemn this step of USA to put Hafiz head on bounty. On April 04, 2012 Ameer e Jamat Islami Syed Munawar Hasan said, "America want to finish each voice raised against its oppression and cruelty, but the nation is with Hafiz Saeed and will die for his protection indeed". Islamic organizations have showed their full support with Hafiz Saeed and Jamat Ud Dawa. Social media is flooded with the messages in Support of Hafiz Saeed.
Now, when these lines are written Hafiz Saeed travelling freely in Pakistan while Pakistani Government still thinking what step to be taken.
In my opinion this is the time to show USA, that we are not slaves, we don't want relations with USA but if its necessary then on equal basis, we can not put a person in jail or hang him to death, just because USA and India disliked him after he is been freed by our courts and found innocent. The Pakistani government should take courageous steps; this will give us a strong reason to deny all the decision imposed on Pakistan by USA.


  1. Thank you Uzair, I need you suggestions and please identify if I've done any mistake while writing

  2. its a really great effort u r doing ovais, but let me put some points to ur knowledge.
    i am commenting just in order to make ur point of view more polish and bring some more points into ur and readers mite be u get some questions n some comments.

    1. I totally agree with ur point of view and Hafiz's activities.
    2. Y and what is the need of DIFA-e-PAKISTAN council at this time ?to me it seems its a game to gather some crowd to deal/molt in a wanted direction in next future........just my view , i might be wrong.if u wanna comment, pls !
    3. If Hafiz and his activity is correct and full of love for the country, believe me he will be handed over to USA.who will be the winner, i donno but it will be.
    may be it will not happen n we as a nation will try to stop this, but as per our past 6 decades history, we will hand over him.Trust me.

    5. Y we are not playng our role with agression ?
    is this the lack of EMAAN ? is this because we love the money more then the religion or country ?
    6. Y U n Me are trying to write only ? Y we are not taking some concrete step ?

    7. To u personally I agree with u , ur views and approach,but as a political activity I will not be able to join .hope u understand.

    My personal point of view about the Hafiz Saeed is ,
    I only want to say, we have so many good ppl which we have killed, or we were not able to protect them from the USA and its lobby/players and Hafiz saeed is 1 of them and again we are not doing anything.
    and when nations do not respect their scholars and teachers, they are destroyed.
    and when I think about the end of my country , i feel it so bad that Y we got this country?only for half century?
    and the answer is YES.
    and if we want to change the ANSWER TO no. WE HAVE TO CHANGE OURSELVES.
    I will write in detail on the change.

    1. Big B, let me clarify dear,
      1. Thanks for agreeing with my point of view
      2. Difa e Pakistan is needed at this time, when the drone attacks are at their peak, from one side its India and from other side America is coming and sandwiching Pakistan, well, this can be done before, but it take too much time to gather such a large number of organisation to convince them and make a mass of public, this was not easy, it is very hard to gather people, this was perfect at this time because USA has said that they will do action in Pakistan when they need.
      3. There are many in Pakistan working for the Pakistan and Islam and Alhamdulillah Hafiz Saeed is one of them, maybe you are right, but in my opinion he can not be easily handed over as he is a non-political man and he has a wide following.
      4. The people doing Jihad are not defensive but if you are talking about Govt. yes they are defensive indeed they are offering their lands, and I think so that till now Govt. has made a task force to how to capture H.Saeed safely and hand him over.
      5. Aggression is shown in the battle field, and it is going on in Afghanistan and Kashmir
      6. Different people are doing different tasks, some are teaching, some are fighting in battle field, some are preaching, some are only writing, but everyone is important, we should do our work but don't blame others, like i'm writing but I'm not saying wrong to Jehadis. Writing is necessary for awareness.
      7. Thanks for your support.


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