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Khilafat: Do we deserve ?

It’s a difficult and sensitive topic to write on, not as per the current era, but for the life after death, it’s might be a big reason for me to be dragged in hell. But I Pray to Allah who knows my heart and my feelings so He will understand what I want to convey.
Having said that, may I know why some of the people of Pakistan are looking forward for KHILAFAT? Actually some of very close people to me are talking about the KHILAFAT system in this country and I am so confused either they are giving me the wrong information or they are just kids and don’t know what they are saying. I mean what’s wrong with these people? Why they are trying to make fun of a very respectable job of KHILAFAT in this country? 

If you recall the history of KHILAFAT, Indeed, those were people who were the best of their time in character, in ethics, in responsibilities, in relations, in dealings, in every way they were the best. Let me give you an example of that character and skills in human history. Let’s start from Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq (RA) he was first Khalifa of Muslims (Ameer ul Momineen). It’s a big debate how he has been chosen as Khalifa but just one sentence to explain:

Khilafat Oath has to be taken on the hands of Khalifa and that oath means that the people accept the leadership of that Khalifa on the basis of his character, not by his wealth or power. When Oath on the basis of character is the system of selecting your leader, it needs a very crystal clear character. When Abu Bakr (RA) selected for Khilafat, in his first address to the people of Arab, he clearly mentioned that if you see I am doing against the Quran and Sunnat, you have the right to hold my hand and step me down”.

His time was not more than two years but the work he has done in these years, believe me that work we have not done in more than 60 years. Let’s count and compare:

  1. Organization and compilation of the Holy Quran
  2. War against the Murtids
  3. Jihad against the non-Muslim states / Syria and surrounding five countries, won the battle, Islam reached there

Above three works are a few examples of some of the work first Caliph did in two years of Caliphate. If we categorize this work, it is:

  1. Education
  2. Internal issues of the country
  3. Defense / War

Let’s compare these categories with last four years of the present government. Please do not confuse the time, it is not the comparison of the two personalities, this is the comparison of the two government’s performances. One government had time of two years, second has four years leading for the fifth year.

1. Education:

The day PPP has got the government; they have stopped / ceased / terminated the education fund of HEC which was allotted by a dictator for PHD's. So your educational system was spoiled.

2. Internal issues:

Internal issues to the Caliph were MURTIDs and threats to the government at that time. The problem was that the people who were not near to the capital were about to change their beliefs and handling that issue both for Islam and government was not an easy task.
But when we gave a chance to our beloved leaders, what they did, their internal matters are also not easy, handling the terrorism, the corruption and much more to write furthermore there are even those internal issues which I cant write here, we just want to see what’s is the performance. There is nothing being done for the solution of any internal issue/problem/matter!
Just think about a single issue and you will find there is no target achieved yet, the overall performance is thus Zero!
By the way when there was the issue of murtids in Khilafat era, Khalifa has said, “I will not sit till the time I kill all the murtids or they revert back to Islam”. This statement doesn’t show the war, but it expresses the dedication and commitment to the cause by the head of the state. Can you place any single example of dedication by the present government?

3. External threats/issues/war:

Allah has given to us by choice or by luck a great enemy that is India and what is our policy towards the greatest enemy? India is the Most Favorite Country to our government. This is the attitude of the government for an enemy who never accepted the reality of our country.  
Now come to the topic KHILAFAT vs. DEMOCRATIC ERA. Above mentioned are some of the examples from the Khilafat era which are compared to our time. Can you comment why there is a huge difference between them? Because when Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq was going for the committee of the Khilafat, he argued that we must go and discuss the matter with Ansaar.

During the meeting there was a stage when it seems that there will be no result of this meeting but Allah made the decision and Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq (Ra) was chosen as the first Khalifa. But what he said to Hazrat Umar (RA), “It’s good that the decision has been done otherwise if someone else has taken the oath from anyone; we also had to take his oath not to make any issue in the Ummah”. This was the Character and understanding of the matters and their sensitivity according to which those great men has spend their lives.
May I ask these countrymen are you going to show such character? Are you ready to accept a person of other cast to rule you? Are you sure you are not going to kill the innocents? Are you sure you are going to accept the superiority of a person over yourself? Are you sure you will not hurt your neighbors? Are you sure you will fight for your country, not for Nawaz Shareef / Altaf Hussain/ Wali Khan / Asif Zardari?

Let me make it simple for you all. The answer to the above questions is a BIG NO. There is no question that you get single questions answer as YES.  Now, let’s say if we want the Khilafat era back, what we have to do. This is very much clear to me as I see it, we have to Kill this entire nation, get a new breed. Grew them with purely ISLAMIC teachings and try to develop the character that is required for KHILAFAT.


By: Syed Burhan Uddin

Note: The article is the own thoughts of the writer, not the blog owner.


  1. The author has expressed very well his feelings; it seems that he has a great sense of sensitivity towards the Ummah and the fort of Islam Pakistan. But I also want to mention that in the end of the article it feels that the writer is very much depressed, he is losing hope from the Muslim ummah and the people of Pakistan, but I want to assure that “Zara nam ho yeh mitti to bari Zarkhaiz he Saaqi”, this nation needs a little motivation and then no wonder we can be able to achieve the Khilafah (the Islamic revolution) not only in Pakistan but in all over the world. The ummah who can fight in Kashmir, can win war against 40 countries in Afghanistan, can beat the super power Russia, can get Nobel prizes, can invent things, then no wonder we can achieve this target. All we have to do is believe on ourselves. The highest count of research students are us, the most sensible nation towards the world affairs are us, I have heard about the Americans they don’t even know about the world affairs, they don’t know where is Pakistan or other countries, indeed we are far beyond them and can come more forwards from them in every field of Pakistan. We have the highest ratio of youth as well.
    We have to keep hope, and believe in our self. We can bring Islamic Revolution (Khilafat).


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