Friday, April 27, 2012

I dream of a day

It was a beautiful and peaceful morning I woke up in Fajar, went to masjid, it was occupied fully like always. Unfortunately, I was 2 minutes late after the azan so I got place in the last line. After the namaz the dua of the imam made the people cry. Every one was praying for the forgiveness and guidance.

I came back home, the breakfast was ready, I turned on the TV, the newscaster was telling about the latest news, the stock exchange was going up, the revenues and profits were increasing, no serious crime was reported from last two month, a week before only a small quarrel happened and the victim took this matter to the court where he got justice, since then no issues in the crime section of news. Peaceful like always, I smiled and turned off the television. Saying Salam to my parents, I came out of the house and started motorcycle, getting towards the main road, where hundred of vehicles are patiently driving within their lane, no one was breaking lane or honking horn, after about 15 minutes I hear a horn, it was a person who was taking his father to hospital all of the cars gave him way. Weather was calm, cool and sunny; the pollution free air was feeling very pleasant. 

I was going towards my university, I entered the university and get to the assembly hall where the whole university gather every start of the day, after the recitation of Holy Quran and Hadith our principle give a small Khutba he was describing about the past he was saying that, “in the past America and Palestine (former Israel) were not part of the Amarat e Islami and were called the Super Powers (Naozubillah), it is the result of the never ending Jihad that they became part of the Amarat e Islamia”. After the Khutba we came into our classes, the students were still discussing about the Khutba by principle, they were amazed to hear that Muslims were oppressed in past by those who are now paying Jizya (tax) to the Amarat e Islamia. The lecture was soon started as our Physics subject teacher Maulana Ahmed came; he was explaining very well the concepts of physics, and giving their explanation through the verses of Holy Quran. The next class was of AlChemiya (Chemistry) in which our teacher explained very well. A small test was conducted; every student was doing his own work, submitting the test and going outside the class. Before the Zuher prayer all the classes were off, all the students gathered in the mosque, after the prayer the lunch was served in the mess, our university is Amarat e Islamia funded university where no educational fee is taken, also hostel and lunch facility is provided to all students.

I was back at home at about 4 o’clock. I slept for a while as its Sunnah, after an hour my friend came to meet me, he was a nice person working in the immigration office, during our discussion he told about the thousands of application from the nationals of China, Russia and various nations, the people who are desperate to get the nationality of Amarat e Islamia and were applying for permanent residency here. This is because the prosperity, peace, modest environment, and better governance. We went to masjid for Asar, on our way back we met the Ameer (Khalifa) of the Amarat e Islamia who was walking alone in the streets as usual, listening to the problems faced by the people (if any). He was our selected Ameer through the Majlis e Shoora (Parliament). The day passed fine. I lie on my bed to take a sleep just after Ish’a.

I closed my eyes ----------- Suddenly, I woke up.

What a beautiful dream, I raised my hands up to pray; it’s the desire of every Muslim to live his life in a country which has Islamic Law enforced...

Note: This writing piece is complete fictitious, I never dreamed but these are my thoughts about an Islamic Country.

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