Saturday, March 29, 2014

Story of A good quality inspector

During my job tenure I came across to know many type of people, i have seen and heard a lot of stories, from which some incidents have a very good and profound effect on my mind and I try to use them as a good example in my trainings and presentations.
Once I was quality auditing a firm as per ISO 9001. I was at the incoming material and parts inspection area where I found out that some identical items are been rejected since so long and a huge number of rejection reports are available for the said items. I inquired the person who was in-charge of the incoming inspection area, "whats the matter? I can see a lot of rejection reports and on the other hand I can also see the material is been used in the production line too". The person replied that "the material parts are not up to the benchmark, they are not according to the specification" he picked up a vernier calipper and showed me some samples which were rejected. He said that when he rejects a part or lot, he received a call from the Quality Manager who orders him to pass the parts / lot, but he always refuse to do so. Later on he put them in rejection bin which is later been picked by production staff and all material is used without him permission, consent and approval.
Here the lesson is, the quality inspector was enforced through social engineering to go against the process but he refused.
We counter many time in our life when we were instructed by our management to go beyond the process and sadly we obey. But despite been on a very small position the courage of that quality personnel was remarkable. There is a whole study "Learn to say No", do we ever considered that?


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