Wednesday, April 23, 2014

44th Earth Day, April 22 2014

Hi Everyone!

Today is 22nd April, Earth Day!

This earth day will be the 44th one since it has been first celebrated on 22 April 1970. All over the world people do their bit, take initiatives, drive awareness campaigns, contact their organization and government officials for the sake of Earth. With each passing day more and more population is migrating towards cities, cities are growing bigger, more populated, and despite all the increase in the environmental awareness seminars, conferences and workshops, the mankind is increasing the usage of energy resources with each day. If we look at the global stats and future projection for the global energy generation (Reference: International Energy Agency), we will see an upward trend in generation of electricity from various resources.
On this earth day we must promise to protect the energy resources. In Pakistan we still have limited energy resources, however the consumption is on the rise, see the stats for Pakistan taken from IEA statistical data, we can see the trend is a continuous increase in the consumption of the energy resources. We can imagine what will happen if we keep on going in the same direction the same speed. What we will be leaving for our future generations and other inhabitants of the Earth?
Now the actual question is how we are going to control this, the first step is however spreading awareness about the severity of the situation, the more the people will be aware the more they can come along and take part in the collective environmental awareness campaign, hopefully the awareness will bring a gradual change.

Create awareness either by forwarding this email or sharing earth day quotes, SMS, or post a selfie… Do your bit!

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